** Sunset **

 The sunset at Aswan. Egypt.

 Thoughts from a Guest of Sara Hotel

I am sitting by the crescent shaped swimming pool at the hotel. Looking at the swirling waters of the first cataract, at the foot of this hotel in Aswan, behind me I hear the happy chatter of other guests, who are cooling in the pool.
Beside me, in a tall glass are freshly made Guava Juice, it is ice-cool and very refreshing.
On the far side are mountains and the golden Orb of the sun, it is visibly sinking behind those mountains.- It is a magical moment and I think, that everything living are benefiting from that huge star- our Sun.

The Sun is now completely hidden behind the far mountains and the mountains are turning darker all the time.
I feel I have shared a moment with what the Pharaohs saw, and feel close to the past.
YES – a truly magical moment on the terrace of Sara hotel.
In touch with the past, yet seeing it today, from the hidden treasure of Aswan.


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